Clyde Beatty Jr.

Clyde has been around for a long time and has had the honor and pleasure to work with MANY of the greatest board builders and surfers to ever grace our planet. He thanks them all, and sends his respect and love to all of them. In Clyde’s opinion he was a surfer first and a board builder second. But that proved to be not quite true.

Clyde was first known for his Rocket Fish surfboard design, which was and is huge seller. Then he went on to look for better materials for surfboard construction. The first light stabilized epoxy resin ever to be produced Clyde help develop. And as they say, the rest is history.

When Stand Up Paddleboards first came about, people thought they were a fad or a gimmick, Clyde did not. He has worked on surfboards, windsurfers, skateboards, snowboards, boats, kite boards, molds and SUP’s. As he says “all information gained is information learned”.

Clyde has been busy working with surfers around the world with new design ideas. WaveFront is proud to carry Clyde’s boards and share our ideas that he puts into his designs. Seems these days Clyde is shaping more than he ever has.

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Bruce Fowler

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, Bruce Fowler began surfing at the Santa Barbara Sandspit in 1959 after reshaping a surfboard given to him that flew off a car. Bruce was eight at the time and by the time he was seventeen, he had developed into a respectable full fledged shaper. His passion for creating innovative surf craft has continued to this day, now amassing in the tens of thousands of completed shapes ridden and distributed worldwide. Bruce has a strong ability to create whatever his mind's eye envisions, coupled with a keen sense in producing designs that become widely accepted because they simply work. "My focus is in designing practical and versatile surfboards for the every day surfer.  I spent years experimenting with different ideas trying to reinvent the wheel, but at the end of the day, the most popular surfboards are fun, easy to ride, and hold appeal for a wide variety of surfers". Over half a century later, Bruce is still a prolific shaper designer churning out go to surfboards on a daily basis. His designs are ridden worldwide and continue to stoke surfers coming from all skill levels and backgrounds.

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Dennis Ryder

Dennis Ryder’s shaping career was birthed in 1967 when he was hired to do boards for the famed Ventura based Morey-Pope Co. Dennis and Bill Hubina founded William-Dennis surfboards, Dennis then moved on to work with the newly formed Wilderness surfboards, working with Michael Cundith and George Greenough. Then moving to Kauai he shaped for Hawaiian Blades and Dick Brewer.

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Bill Stewart

Bill Stewart, the true father of the modern longboard, founded Stewart Surfboards over 30 years ago in a tiny shop in Laguna Beach, California. Originally offering a small selection of custom boards and hand-painted airbrushed hats, the business quickly grew and moved to San Clemente.

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randy schaefer.jpg

Randy Schaefer

Let’s start by setting things straight, I have never picked up a plainer or a sanding block to shape a surfboard. I figured out in High School after getting a D in shop class, and an A in architecture that I was a designer not a builder. What I contribute is my 53 years of surfing and the type of boards I like. They tend to be designs that for the most part are not produced by current designers, or tweaks to current style boards to make them work better on the waves in this area.

I have worked with many top board builders over the years, and am currently working with Roland Surfboards. Roland understands the needs of surfers in this area, and transforms my ideas into our current boards.

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