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This is Bruce’s homage to the stubbies of yesteryear. The “Mini” is the length, and the “MAX” is the girth, which provides a lot of volume for heavier riders. The MiniMAX can be ridden as a dedicated tri fin, quad, or five fin option.

  • Sizes: 5'2" to 6'6"

  • Bottom Contour: Flow through concave to V in tail

  • Tail: Squash

  • Five Fin is Standard

  • Finish: Sand Finish

  • Price: $655.00 and up

Mega MiniMAX is the newest addition to this model!  By popular demand the size range has been increased up to 7'4", and the response has been fantastic. A 7'4" Mega now has as much volume as the 8'0" V Machine!








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Fountain of Youth

Over a period of 6 years Bruce Fowler redesigned & refined the original Stoker V Machine resulting in this easy to ride design becoming a worldwide sensation. BF's sophisticated yet simple bottom & foil design improves surfers of all skill sets ability to carry speed thru maneuvers while upping the fun factor.

  • Sizes: 4'6" to 8'6”
  • Bottom Contour: Flat to V in tail
  • Tail: Squash
  • Fins: Thruster, quad or five fin
  • Finish: Sand Finish
  • Price: $655.00 and up











internet fountain of youth


Fountain of Youth Round Pin 

internet convertable

Fountain of Youth Surfboards by Bruce Fowler offer a variety of models with more being added as they are developed and proven. Pictured here is a go to round pin that is reliable and easy to ride in a wide variety of wave situations. Available in all sizes with BF's optional Bump or Wing which reduces the overall tail area for more hold and maneuverability.











The Convertible

The Convertible is designed to work equally well as a twin fin, tri, quad or twin & quad keel setup. Not every surfer has the bucks for a quiver, and this is a good alternative for someone on a budget seeking a variety of rides. Available in Single & Double Wing versions.












V8 Lean Machine

The V8 continues Bruce Fowler's 5 year design campaign exploring what he terms

 "The Possibilities of the In Between".

Harkening back to the original Aussie V Bottoms, Fowler retained the best attributes from the short lived design while incorporating a modern foil and some heady plane geometry.  A healthy dose of "secret sauce" has produced one unique and ultra fun wave catching speed demon that has garnered rave reviews in California, Florida, New York & Japan.

"This lean machine is designed to be turned from the middle, with control and stability coming from a forward position: quite the opposite to most of today's surfboard designs.  The V8 V-Bottom is NOT a longboard or a displacement hull!  Everything behind the trailing edge of the fin is about quick release, allowing for carving rail turns and incomparable speeds in small soft surf. V8's can also deliver some fresh impressive surfing on larger flat faced waves."



The Standard

The Standard is a time tested proven design that yields a predictable performance coupled with superior wave catching abilities. 

This is your go to board for every day conditions that feels like that favorite old shoe you want to wear every day.

The new Standard has increased tail curve with reduced rail and tail block area making for a more vertically inclined machine. The forward section is relaxed for early wave entry combined with excellent forward trim speed and lift.

The Standard is an easy riding, half step up from the Plain Jane and will not disappoint.

  • Width: Varies
  • Thickness: Varies
  • Bottom Contour: Flow through concave
  • Tail:  Squash
  • Fins: Thruster, quad or five fins.  Futures Fins systems, FCS Fusion is optional
  • Finish: Sand Finish, gloss and polish
  • Price:  $625.00 and up