Surfers are great friends

The one thing I have learned after owning the shop now for over 7 years is that the surfing community is very tight.  Customers are always willing to help the shop out anyway they can.  I was reminded of this when Dan LeHew came in and told me he was going to paint the shop for me.  He made it very clear that this was his gift and it would cost me absolutely nothing. 

It brought back the memory of when I was building the shop out at the beginning of this adventure.  I had been working on the interior for over 1 ½ months and the money and time was running out.  Larry Ugale who was a great friend and surfing buddy had been watching the progress, and asked me if I was going to paint the shop.  I explained that there was no more money available, and time was running out.

Larry told me to buy the paint and he would paint the interior for free.  I was so stoked as the paint inside the shop was 20 years old.  So Larry and little Larry came in and painted the whole inside of the shop.  When he was done, Larry said the outside needs to look as good as the inside, "so go get the paint".  Larry had one favor to ask, that was to give Little Larry a part time job.  It was a done deal without even thinking about it.

So what I have learned from these great people is that the local surf population has a lot of great giving people who share the stoke we all have in surfing.  A big shout out to all the friends who have helped me and the shop over the years.  Larry will always be remembered with his picture hanging at the doorway of the shop.