Orbicular Flyer Logo

In 2000 I had an idea for a surfboard that I could not find anywhere. I went to Clyde Beatty Jr., as he was the best at making epoxy surfboards.  I felt that the board design was so different, that it deserved its own logo.  Not wanting to use just my name, I went through countless ideas.  Then it came to me.  I always liked the name Spherical Revolver from Harbour Surfboards.  I hit the old thesaurus and entered the word Spherical.  One of the words that came out was Orbicular, meaning almond shaped.  Perfect, barrels on waves were shaped like an almond.  And knowing this board was going to fly, I added Flyer.

Now that I had the name Orbicular Flyer, I needed a cool logo.  I spent weeks sketching out designs, but nothing was sticking.  One day while driving down the street, I saw a very cool logo on the back windshield of a car driving by.  I tried to catch up and study the design, but the guy turned and could not follow him.  I pulled over and sketched out what I thought I had seen.  Next was taking it to my artist to do the final design.

Quite awhile went by, never knowing what that sticker said, when someone told me it looked a lot like the AOPA logo, but missing the crest.  The next day the guy brought me in a sticker of the logo, yep, that’s the one I saw.  But as you can see, my mind saw an
A-frame wave and the logo has been in use since that day.  Many other Orbicular models have come out including Orbicular Glider, Orbicular Speedster and Orbicular Surfboards.  But the Flyer is still the best selling model of all the boards.
This Year we are adding the Orbicular Flyer SUP and the Orbicular Water Dragon SUP.