Don't judge a board by its looks

7 years ago when I opened the shop, a guy came in and said he wanted to sell a board.  Bring it on in I told him.  He brought in this old "Ike" which was very well beat to death.  When he told me he wanted $250.00 I had to laugh, but offered him $50.00 just because.  No he said, he was taking his little girl to Magic Mountain, and needed the cash.  Long story short, I paid him the $50.00 and he was on his way.

After looking over the board, I thought it was a bad deal.  Call it buyers remorse or just plain stupid, it was now mine.  What the heck, that afternoon I took it out to C-Street, open gaping dings and all, and had an unreal session.  Had to be just a good day I thought.  Next day I took it up to Rincon on a very bad shoulder high day with lots of wind.  Only 4 of us out, and I caught every wave that came through.  This board was magic, no two ways around it.

The following day I had a friend take it for basic restro, fill the dings, do what you can with the delams, and seal it with a gloss coat.  I got the board a few weeks later all ready to hit the water again.  Off to cove again for yet another great session.  After surfing the magic board for a few days, everyone was giving me crap for surfing such an ugly board.  They said because I owned a surf shop, I should have a sharp looking board.  Give this thing a try I told many of them, and let them catch a few waves.  I kid you not, eveyone of them asked if I wanted to sell it.  Not a was a magic board........and I own it to this day.