Dennis Ryder Displacement Hull history

The story and knowledge I have about the displacement hull design comes from George Greenough, which he introduced to a small group of people around 1967-68.  I made my first Greenough type board for myself in 1968, and if memory serves me well, it was 7'2".  At the time, Mike Cunduth who moved to Australia some 35 years ago, lived on a avocado ranch in the Rincon Valley and had a little back yard type surfboard thing going there which he named Wilderness Surfboards.  His regular job was sanding surfboards for the Morey-Pope Company where I was a shaper.

In the spring of 1969 Mike Cundith decided to quit his job at Morey-Pope and go full time with Wilderness Surfboards.  The shop was opened in the old ice plant building that was down by the beach in Santa Barbara.  I signed on as his shaper and worked at Wilderness Surfboards/Greenough Desingns for their first season and into early winter of 1970.

The hulls I make now are refinements of boards from that period.

Dennis Ryder