Clyde Beatty Jr. custom stinger surfboard

Clyde Beatty hand shaped this 6'8" custom stinger for team rider Andy Hur.  Blends of the "70's" and what we have learned since then made this board bitchen.  Andy is planning on hitting Sunset Beach this winter on the stinger.  Clyde is still hand shaping custom boards, just give us a call or stop by the shop, we can make it happen...........  You won't believe the great pricing for all the boards.

Dennis Ryder "67"

Fresh new arrival from Dennis, a 9'6" model "67".  Sorry to say this board was sold before it hit the rack.
I have another one on order should be here in a few weeks.

Clyde Beatty Retro Fish

We received our first summer shipment of Clyde Beatty Retro Fish this week.  This is the board Clyde was making back in the Golden days of surfing.  The retro outline is complimented by a cool lightly beaked nose, and comes with a set of Clyde's Keel fins.  We have sizes starting at 5'4" to 6'4".  This shipment of boards have a lot of new graphics designed by Mitch Bloom.


Robby Kreiger of the Doors and Scott Medlock stopped by the shop today to pick up custom boards I had made for them.  Each year they do a fund raiser for St. Judes Children's hospital, and put a lot of time into it.  They liked the boards we auction off so much, I made them each one in appreciation of the hard work they do for such a good cause.  Make sure to contact me if you would like to go to the fund raiser this year.

Check out Scott's great art work at the link below.

New PSQ in the shop

9'1" PSQ

A few words from Dennis on this board.
There are some surfboards with square noses and of course there is the square tail… a short straight area, but really the only straight thing in a surfboard is the stringer.

Did you ever wonder about that? The only straight line in a surfboard is the stringer…  not counting the odd diamond shaped rails seen on a few boards out there.  Rockers are curves, outlines are curves, and decks are curves. Now bottoms can be flat from rail to rail but usually this is only a small area, because the bottom will also incorporate Vees, roll or concaves.

The stringer in foam boards help the board from flexing past its breaking point. We want the board to flex but without a stringer they will break too easily. As well, the stringer will give the board a stiffer feel or flex which can be a good thing for overall performance. I make boards with specific stringer sizes and or placement for specific performance characteristics.

I’ve been making and riding boards with perimeter stringers now for 3 or 4 years.  They ride really well.  A soft flex, not as stiff, more lively.  So how about a board with a lighter or narrow center, straight stringer and perimeter stringers too.  On a long board it would be the contemporary equivalent of the traditional 3 stringer board.


Be sure to check out Dennis Ryders blog, it is so insitefull and full of history.
Follow the link at the top of the page.

Jack McCoy stops by

Film maker Jack McCoy stopped by the Shop today promoting his new movie.  A Deeper Shade of Blue was made to show in movie theaters instead of just DVD's.  Old school is the way to go.  I remember going to the Isla Vista theater to see all of the new surf flicks.  Nothing like seeing them on a big screen.  The movie will show one night only.
Seems Buzzy Kerbox was tired from the previous nights opening show.

XCEL wins award

HALE'IWA, HI (February 11, 2013) - Xcel is excited to announce its win for the Drylock boot as Hardgoods Accessory Product of the Year at the 10th annual Surf Industry Manufacturer Association (SIMA) Image Awards, held last Friday at the Grove Theater in Anaheim, CA. It is Xcel's fourth SIMA Image Awards win, and the first in the Hardgoods Accessory Product category, awarded to the surf hardgood accessory product retailed in 2012 that featured the most exciting innovation, design, or appeal. "We're proud and honored to be recognized once again by our industry peers," says Lance Varon, Xcel Design Director. "From day one, Xcel's driving focus has been to deliver the best possible product through an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and fit." "To have the Drylock boot nominated and ultimately win Hardgoods Accessory Product of the Year is a testament to the strength of that commitment among our outstanding team of employees, retailers, and team athletes." The Drylock boot is one of Xcel's most popular accessory products, trusted by surfers everywhere seeking the highest levels of warmth and performance. Innovative technologies include Xcel's exclusive Drylock ankle seal construction and heat-retaining, earth-friendlier ThermoCarbon lining made from bamboo charcoal and recycled poly fibers. Varon and the Xcel team joined over 850 attendees representing industry brands and retailers at the high-energy awards ceremony. "It's an exciting win for the Drylock boot and for Xcel," adds Greg Wade, Xcel Sales and Marketing Vice President. "Being honored in such a highly technical product awards category [fins, leashes, boardbags, and other wetsuit accessories are also eligible] is especially rewarding for a product-focused brand like us." Xcel is a three-time SIMA Image Awards Wetsuit of the Year (2007, 2008, 2010) winner. The goal of the SIMA Image Awards is to identify the surf industry's most influential companies and recognize them for their efforts to advance and grow the industry. Nominees are chosen by an industry panel of manufacturer and retailer experts. Winners are chosen by a final vote open to all SIMA member companies and specialty retailers.

Surfers are great friends

The one thing I have learned after owning the shop now for over 7 years is that the surfing community is very tight.  Customers are always willing to help the shop out anyway they can.  I was reminded of this when Dan LeHew came in and told me he was going to paint the shop for me.  He made it very clear that this was his gift and it would cost me absolutely nothing. 

It brought back the memory of when I was building the shop out at the beginning of this adventure.  I had been working on the interior for over 1 ½ months and the money and time was running out.  Larry Ugale who was a great friend and surfing buddy had been watching the progress, and asked me if I was going to paint the shop.  I explained that there was no more money available, and time was running out.

Larry told me to buy the paint and he would paint the interior for free.  I was so stoked as the paint inside the shop was 20 years old.  So Larry and little Larry came in and painted the whole inside of the shop.  When he was done, Larry said the outside needs to look as good as the inside, "so go get the paint".  Larry had one favor to ask, that was to give Little Larry a part time job.  It was a done deal without even thinking about it.

So what I have learned from these great people is that the local surf population has a lot of great giving people who share the stoke we all have in surfing.  A big shout out to all the friends who have helped me and the shop over the years.  Larry will always be remembered with his picture hanging at the doorway of the shop.