Fowler Surfboards - 6'4" Convertiable

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Fowler Surfboards - 6'4" Convertiable


6'4" x 21" x 2 3/4"

Future 5 Fin - fins included

PU - glassing

The Convertible is your one board quiver. The Convertible has evolved from some of Bruce's favorite past boards over many years or riding different waves.  Even as single fins, BF has been a longtime lover of Winged Swallow tails for their maneuverability & holding power.  


As new multi fin configurations came upon the scene, Fowler kept coming back to this beloved shape to apply  new fin options.  


The end result is his "Convertible", a board that can be ridden equally well as a  Twin, Tri, Quad, or even as a Twin or Quad Keel. This design comes standard with a tri/quad set of five fins, but also marvels in tight pounding beach break as a twinny using MR or Merrick Twin fins.


The Convertible bottom features a blended single/double concave.  There is  a pronounced vee at the tail block which acts like a small keel fin when ridden as a twin or quad.


Width: Varies

Thickness: Varies

Sizes: Up to 7'6" or larger by custom order.


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