Orbicular USA - 9'6" Bucket List

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Orbicular USA - 9'6" Bucket List


9'6" x 23 1/4" x 3"  18 LBS

Single fin not included

PU- Volan glassing

Resin tint 

Bucket List

When you have surfboard models that are getting rave reviews from all riders you take note.  That’s what has happened with the “Rehab” and the “Silver Lining”.  We listened, and that has resulted in this new model.  We combined all of the best assets of each board and came up with the Bucket List.  60/40 rails blending into a down rail 1/3 up will truly give you a performance single fin that will allow you to stick some sick tip time.

  • Sizes: 9’4” to 10’0”

  • Width: 23” to 23 ¾”

  • Thickness: 3” +

  • Bottom Contour:  Soft nose concave to soft tail V

  • Tail:  Square

  • Fin:  Not included

  • Finish: High gloss and polish

  • Fiberglass: Volan & 6 oz. with deck & tail patches

  • Orbicular USA

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